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Quote for today:  “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso

Hello and welcome to my art blog…Brenda Calhoun Artworks

I am a realist painter (a wanna be impressionist – not easy for a detail oriented former bookkeeper) with over twenty years of painting experience. I paint still lifes, florals and tranquil scenes in acrylics, and occasionally in mixed media and watercolours. I like to experiment with attaching various papers – mulberry (rice) paper, kuji paper, etc. – on my painting surface to create texture.

I will be posting images of my latest original paintings on my blog as they are completed. As well, I will be posting articles on painting – theory and techniques, art book reviews, inspiration/motivation, art marketing and blogging. Be among the first to be notified when images of my latest original painting have been posted. Find out what inspires and motivates me as an artist.   Learn about my painting palette and painting techniques.

Enjoy the many benefits of following my blog posts:

  • Be notified whenever each new original acrylic painting is posted on my blog.
  • Learn what inspires and motivates me in the creative process, and receive the tips I share that may inspire you too.
  • Receive painting tutorials and tips on every aspect of painting including: choosing a subject, learning to see values, choosing a value scheme, understanding the colour wheel, choosing your colour palette, choosing a colour scheme, mixing colours, composition, and more.  You may find my Glossary of Acrylic Painting Terms very helpful.
  • Receive articles and tips to help you with the business side of art, like: preparing for an art show or art fair, marketing your work in galleries and online, maintaining an up-to-date portfolio, and maintaining accurate records of inventory, sales and expenses.
  • Receive reviews of the latest art books I’ve read, and suggestions for books you may want to consider adding to your art library.

Happy painting, Brenda




4 thoughts on “Welcome to Brenda Calhoun Artworks

  1. So incredibly proud of my beautiful & talented Mother. The realism in her acrylic paintings is amazing, she brings the image to life on the canvas. In the still life pieces her creativity produces a feast for the eyes in shape, form, colour & light. My personal favourites are her water colours, just the lightest impression of the image thru colour & shape with subdued softness.

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